Ultra Alkaline AAA size Hard Case pack of 5


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Ultra Alkaline AAA size Hard Case pack of 5

Ultra Digital Alkaline LR03 AAA Battery with hard plastic carry case.

PK Cell brand.

Long lasting ultra alkaline size AAA batteries. These are a direct comparison to leading brands

such as Duracell Ultra or Energizer Max.

Packaging is a hard reusable plastic case designed to keep batteries in one place and to avoid

contacts touching resulting in discharge. Contains 5 batteries.


Size: AAA

Jacket: Aluminium Foil

LR03 battery

Compliance: CE ROHS

Capacity: 3.9ohm,24h/d, 140 minutes

Chemistry: Alkaline MO2

Height: 43.3-44.5mm

Diameter: 9.5-10.5mm

Shelf Life: 10 years

Application: MP3, Walkman, Toys and so on.

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